Ask A Squirter

On my YouTube channel, we talk about real sex and real life squirting. Not the porn stuff, but what’s it’s like when a real life woman squirts.

Send me whatever questions you want to ask about #realsex squirting, and I’ll try to answer every question I receive on my channel. You can tweet them to me on Twitter, @AuthorRLeigh, and use the hashtag #AskASquirter, or send them via email,

2 thoughts on “Ask A Squirter”

  1. My girlfriend of 5 months recently discovered she’s a squirter when conditions are right and pleasure is peaked I had some questions though cuz we are both pretty much dumbfounded

    1. Thanks for reaching out Gannon! It’s a unique, enjoyable experience, glad you’ve been able to experience it. Please feel free to leave your questions here or email me at Please also check out my books on Amazon (links to all appear in the right sidebar). You may find Squirting: It’s Easier Than You Think and Squirt School the most helpful. ~Raine

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