Life & Sexuality Coaching

Now offering coaching sessions via Skype and Google Hangouts!

Are shame or other sexual issues affecting your pleasure? They affected mine too.

As a person who has been through rape, molestation, a verbally and physically abusive relationship, and supported a partner through addiction I offer something many coaches and therapists can’t….real life experience.

After successfully coming out the other side (self-employed, happy, confident and mentally sane), I began offering my life coaching services to people who reached out to me for help. As friends and friends of friends watched my life transform, I started receiving Facebook messages, texts and phone calls from people (some I’d never met or only met once) who wanted to know how I did it. They too were at a turning point in their life where something had to change.

Read the pages of my website (or my books) to get an idea about my opinions, my ideas, my perspective on life. If you think I may offer a different perspective than most, and might be helpful in inspiring you, reach out to me. You can email me at

The first consultation is always free. We’ll go from there.

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